Thinking Ahead

Building today’s vision into tomorrow’s living.

Shylight is driven by a need to provide a world-class experience in every way. By channelling its unique legacy and expertise into a sustainable vision that engages every level of its human capital, be it management, staff, customers or partners, Shylight’s mission of “Thinking Ahead” reverberates along the entire value chain. What does this translate into for each link in the chain?

It means that Management is motivated by exciting leadership opportunities and empowered to deal with the challenges of navigating the future. By safeguarding the company’s legacy, yet future-proofing the company’s growth. By listening to its customers and being worthy of their trust.

It means that Customers will benefit from new technologies, revolutionary materials and cutting edge design. That their changing lifestyles and evolving needs are met through forward-looking innovations, committed support and involvement from the company, and definite long-term value creation.

It means that Employees will be encouraged to think creatively, to constantly learn from their exposure to international architects, global standards, and futuristic design. Structured training programmes will allow employees to grow with the company. Shylight’s core values of respect and excellence will provide them with a secure and friendly work environment in which to maximise their potential and inculcate a sense of pride in the organisation.

It means that Investors and Partners will grow with the company, share in its success and consolidate a joint future bright with higher ROI’s and exponential expansion. That they will partner with the company to create something larger than just a return on investment, something that makes a significant contribution to industry, to the economy and to society.

Finally, it means that the company’s Peers will also strive towards greater excellence by example, and that the inevitable raising of industry benchmarks and forging productive partnerships will raise the bar for the greater good of every link in the chain.